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1. Do you have sizes larger than 46 for men?
Yes! We have introduced size 47 for our Fall Winter 2017 collection. As we continue to grow, we hope to be able to invest and add more size runs to our range.

2. Do you have sizes larger than 41 for women?
The largest size for women is currently 41 but because ARKK Copenhagen is designed for unisex, it is usually no problem to purchase Men’s sizes.

3. How do your sneakers fit? Are they true to size?
You can see an overview of our size division right here or use our fit finder. Some of our styles are a little small to fit, but these styles will be commented below in the description that they are 'small to size'. As a general rule, the Panther product lines are true to size and Raven’s usually fit small to size (example: if you usually wear 43s, we strongly suggest getting 44s).

4. When I buy in store, how do I guarantee they are real ARKKs?
To make sure, the bottom of the outsole as well as the inside label of the sneakers should always have an "ARKK Copenhagen" trademark.

5. How often do you drop new sneakers?
It’s hard to say, because we are continuously working on new designs that will drop all the time. But for the most part, we will likely drop a collection each season of the year. To be sure, stay tuned on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or newsletter to be the first to know!


1. A lot of pairs are out of stock on your webshop, are you going to restock especially if they are “limited edition”?

We only have a limited amount of each style and sizes and generally they will not be re-stocked on the website. However, we are constantly releasing new and improved styles for you to fall in love with.

2. What does the “M” and “W” in your product name mean? Example: “Raven S-E15 Sandstorm Nubuck - M”.

“M” stands for “Men” and “W” is for “Women” sizes.

3. Does ARKK Copenhagen’s webshop ever hold sales or promotions?
We are lucky to have our stock often sell out before we are able to hold promotions. So unfortunately, there are rarely any sales or promotions on our webshop. So if you see a product you like, we’d suggest you grab them before they’re gone!

4. How long does it take for you to ship products?
It depends on when and where you are shipping product to. As soon as you put through your order, you will get a shipping confirmation when it is on its way. When your order is shipped you will get a shipping confirmation.
Generally, the delivery time is 1-5 business days to all 50 States and Puerto Rico.

5. I just bought my shoe and something isn’t quite right?
If you notice a defect or issue with your shoe upon purchase, please ensure to immediately notify the ARKK Copenhagen team of the defects. This must take place no later than ten days after you have discovered the defect and must be done in writing with a thorough description of the defect. You can do so by directly contacting our Customer Service department at See more terms and returns related information.

6. Do you offer free returns?
As a small company, we do not currently have the capacity to offer free returns. So we highly recommend that you use the Size Chart and read the sizing tool on each product before purchasing to be completely sure.

7. What is the latest date to order in time for Christmas?
Order your gifts by December 15 in order to guarantee delivery for December 24.

8. What is the returns policy for the Christmas holidays?
As a service to our customers, items purchased online from between November 10 and December 25, maybe be returned or exchanged through to January 12th.


1. How can I clean my shoes? Would you recommend putting them in the washing machine?

We wouldn’t advise you to put ARKK Copenhagen sneakers (or any other sneakers) in the washing machine, as this can damage the materials and shape of the shoe. Instead, use a shoe cleaner product to clean them and make sure to follow the specific instructions for cleaning specific materials such as suede, Nubuck leather etc if applicable. We would also highly recommend protecting your shoes from day one with a spray like Crep Protect to weather them properly.


1. What does S-E15 stand for?

The S-E15 is the initial and first outsole of ARKK Copenhagen. The STABLE part of the name refers to the subtle lines and steep sidewalls that create a firm support for the wearer. S-E15 was officially introduced to market in the third quarter of 2015.

All style names will include the abbreviated name of this STABLE-E15 outsole. For example: Raven S-E15 is short for Raven STABLE-E15, stating that this style is made with on the STABLE-E15 outsole.

2. What does HOVER-X1 stand for?

Like hovering on air. The Hover-X1 (H-X1 for short) is the next generation outsole from ARKK Copenhagen. It is a lightweight, supported, one-piece molded sole designed to further add comfort to our range of sneakers. The distinct Hover-X1 brand is also embossed on the side of the outsole to emphasize its feather-like weight.

H-X1 is inspired by the Danish National Maritime Museum, a top modern building located north of Copenhagen designed by internationally renown architect Bjarke Ingels. A building the New York Times called ‘A cutting-edge cultural venue’. The clean lines of both the sidewalls of the outsole as well as on the bottom, links the design to the sculptural bridges connecting the museum’s various departments.

The HOVER part of the name refers to the lightweight feeling of walking on this outsole. The formation of the named X is achieved by placing a right and left foot outsole together and viewing from the bottom. The 1 is the address of the Danish National Maritime Museum.

All style names will also include the abbreviated name of the HOVER-X1 outsole. For example: Panther H-X1 is the Panther style made on the HOVER-X1 outsole.

3. What is FutureGrid?

FutureGrid is ARKKs very own nylon woven elastic and breathable upper material. It sits tight around the foot while still supplying stability and flexible movement. FutureGrid is woven on a machine making each piece custom to each sneaker, resulting in less waste created.

All style names will also include the abbreviated name of the FutureGrid compound, should there be the material in the sneaker’s construction. For example: Raven FG S-E15 is short for Raven FutureGrid STABLE-E15, stating that this style is made with FutureGrid on the upper and STABLE-E15 outsole.




1. I am an owner of a store / distribution centre / buyer / sales agent, how do we get in contact about selling ARKK Copenhagen?

First of all, thank you for your interest in working with ARKK Copenhagen. For inquiries regarding retail partnerships, please contact Henrik Munk our Global Sales Manager at and he will get back to you if relevant.

2. I am an Instagrammer / Bloggers / Influencer and have X number of followers on social media, will you sponsor me?

We are currently receiving a high number of requests for collaboration with ARKK Copenhagen. If you are interested in a potential sponsorship and have a genuine interest / following in sneakers, fashion or photography, please feel free to send an email to Only relevant profiles will be contacted.

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