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Coming To America

When the first Norsemen came to North America around the year 1000, they had to overcome treacherous seas, unpredictable weather, and a whole world of unknowns once they actually arrived on the other side of the Atlantic. It seems like, 1018 years later, not much has changed…

Last year, we decided that 2018 would be the year that ARKK Copenhagen would ‘cross the Atlantic’ and officially launch our brand in the USA. With that ambitious goal in mind, we have launched into the American market full steam ahead: with a new US webshop, a new distribution center in Chicago, and by establishing exciting connections with US innovators that we look forward to collaborating with in the months and years to come (stay tuned for more on that).

During this launch process, there has certainly been a number of challenges to overcome - from the global shipping logistics to US customs regulations as well as a few other issues outside of our control. As ARKK’s Spring Summer ‘18 collection ‘Slow Future’ is the first time we are dropping a full collection in the US, we are traveling up a pretty steep learning curve this month, but we are totally committed to this endeavor and we will only get better with each new launch, drop, and ARKK adventure in America.

Now, as for today’s scheduled SS18 collection drop...

 The delivery of our Spring Summer ‘18 sneaker collection has, once again, been delayed in transit to America. That means, we won’t be able to officially drop this season’s collection of 37 new, minimalist kicks today. We are still waiting for an update from the US customs office as to exactly when our kicks will be cleared for distribution, but as soon as we know, we will announce the updated release date online and through social media.

Also, we’re happy to announce that - as soon as we have more details regarding a new drop date - we will be offering a special ‘thanks for your patience’ discount to our US customers. More details on that to come very soon.

Thanks again,

Thomas, Kasper, and the entire team at ARKK Copenhagen